about tlinn.com

Exploring new places and learning new things are two of my favorite ways to spend time. On those days when the realities of life confine us to trips to the office or the nearest grocery store, the internet offers a means to transport us across town or around the world . We can check the weather, see the sights, or learn the answer to whatever question may be on our minds. Who was it that painted the all blue canvas on display at the Pompidou Center in Paris? The answer is out there -- along with photographs and more information on the artist than one could ever hope to retain.

This wealth of information is available largely due to the efforts of thousands of individuals who have shared their experiences and opinions on personal web pages and blogs from places near and far. This website is my attempt to contribute to the dialog. Here is what you will find on this site:

images/travel is a collection of images and observations from my own travel experiences. It is my hope that the photographs and accompanying text can be of assistance as you plan your own travel adventures.

images/Bend,Oregon is a collection of images and observations from my home town. Bend a great place to visit and an even better place to live.

images/events is a collection of images and observations organized around events rather that places. Think birthdays and holidays.

images/LewisLinn.com is a collection of images and, occasionally, stories centered on the adventures of my son, Lewis.

about/monitor.calibration is an easy way for you to optimize your viewing experience with a quick adjustment to your monitor's brightness and contrast controls.

It is my sincere hope that you will find tlinn.com enjoyable and perhaps even helpful! Thanks for stopping by.

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco 1976